Our job is to make sure the construction process leads to a result that accurately reflects the clients' objectives, so we begin every project with a clear, concise statement of challenges, opportunities, scope and budget. That allows us to keep everyone on the same page and keep the project moving in the right direction and at the right pace. Our systems, people and technology in all aspects of the business, help us ensure each project runs smoothly - on time and on budget.

At Gurhan, we understand the need for collaboration. The point of view we bring to every project comes from 21 years of experience and understanding of construction means, methods and materials. Our experience as construction manager and general contractor is an advantage in that there is increased sensitivity to design processes from the standpoint of constructability. Working with the design team, we prepare cost studies of various alternative systems for the project and evaluate these systems from a functional and operational viewpoint. We develop comprehensive estimates that include all project costs and we include all possible elements that fulfill your requirements so that informed decisions about project scope and cost can be made early in the design process.

Our Construction Services include, but are not limited to the following:

• Site Supervision
• Bid Procurement
• Scheduling
• Safety Management
• Material Submittal Review
• Construction Materials Testing
• Construction Administration
• Quality Assurance
• Cost Estimating
• Project Close-out