To begin with, I would like to emphasize that GURHAN Construction & Logistics came to this day as a result of arduous effort and hard work. The picture towards the end of the twentieth Century, manifested a World where knowledge constantly increased. The development of technology and the Internet, provided the users with the ability to unlimited information. As a result, it became compulsory for Countries, Companies and individuals to constantly learn, to constantly make progress, and to constantly change. Under these circumstances, our Companies have come to this day successfully, and accordingly our main principles and desired goals are;

Main Principles

• Not to make concession from quality
• To complete work as swiftly as possible
• Being conscious of the fact that time is the major factor
• To constantly follow up work in an hierarchical way and to avoid making mistakes as much as possible
• To eliminate mistakes urgently
• To complete work in the most consummate way possible


• To become a global company, with the universal standards recognized by the world
• To produce goods that will please our nation as well as all humanity
• To further increase productivity by utilizing the international standards
• To continue work within the structure as a family, to place more importance on training, including career and company training
• To transfer, use and develop the latest technology
• To be in good and honest relation with the employer in order to perform the projects undertaken in the best possible way

As GURHAN Construction & Logistics, we are aware of our responsibilities that come with the vision and the mission that we have. Our innovative and creative Group, is eager to constantly learn and develop, and is definitely an advocate of change. Furthermore, our Group is honest, trustworthy, hardworking and with the understanding of “quality oriented service” aims at offering the best for its customers.

We believe that success will be achieved in following these principles, I wish happiness to everyone.