Gurhan Construction & Logistics foundation was established by our father Dr. Hakki Ogretmenoglu, who has been back to his home country from the USA after he completed his education in medical specialize with accomplishment. Until he passed away in 19 March 2014, Dr. Hakki Ogretmenoglu continued to provide his full support as advisor since he has been retreated of his active business-life.

GURHAN Construction & Logistics which is located in Adana/Turkey, was founded in 1997 as “GURHAN INSAAT ve TICARET NAKLIYAT ITH.IHR.LTD.STI.” Board of Directors Coordination and the Company’s general management is administered by B.Sc.MBA Civil Eng, Mr.Gurhan L. Ogretmenoglu.

GURHAN Construction & Logistics to this day continues to perform contractual work within Incirlik Air Base-Turkey, US Navy Camp Lemonnier-Djibouti, JBB Balad AB-Iraq and Cyprus, and is involved in many areas of construction ranging from construction of apartment blocks to industrial buildings; from the construction and contract work of public and private sectors; to the construction of supportive structures of all kinds and types of buildings; including installations of electrical/mechanical systems and all the workmanship involved. Architecture and decoration is also included in the company’s area of work. GURHAN Construction & Logistics follows the principle of work health and safety in the course of accomplishing all projects. Such factors as creativeness, understanding of esthetics, the talent and speed during the process of organizing, and competent technical staff, has been effective in accomplishing projects successfully.

By considering “quality” as a life style, GURHAN Construction & Logistics is aiming to meet customers’ needs and expectations by providing for “unconditional customer satisfaction and loyalty”. GURHAN Construction & Logistics has appropriated to offer the customer solutions that are more economic, and more efficient; to complete, without deficiency, the projects that are undertaken. All these account for the ‘Quality Policy’ understanding.

Gurhan has developed and documented industry leading quality and safety management systems which are certified to ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certification respectively. In line with our value of environmental sensitivity, we are also developing an ISO 14001 environmental management system.

As GURHAN Construction & Logistics, we are not praising ourselves with the success we have achieved in the past. Instead, we continue our work in the direction of revised parameters while constantly determining new goals to be achieved. In the course of planning for the future, our firm is also examining its internal organization in order to provide constant superior quality service to customers.

GURHAN Construction & Logistics derives strength from the various past experiences, the experienced staff, and the experienced group management.