Green Building

We want our work to be remembered for its beauty, functionality, quality of materials and craftsmanship, as well as minimize our impact in the environment.
Gurhan Construction aims to incorporate “green” design concepts, construction processes and recycling initiatives that respect our pristine natural environment and help create a sustainable future.
Our commitment to the environment is reflected in our recycling program. We recycle as much waste produced on site as possible, including timber, cardboard, concrete, packaging, plastics and steel.
Gurhan Construction aims to incorporate a number of environmentally friendly practices in our designs including:
• Grey water recycling
• Storm water retention
• Solar heating and cooling
• Site orientation to maximise heating and lighting
We are passionate about and committed to improving our knowledge and skills in sustainable building practices. Our team members have completed, and continue to attend, courses addressing recycling and other environmental issues.
Gurhan Construction is on its way to becoming a Green Living Contractor.
To help achieve our environmental targets, we have adopted the 3R's principle: REUSE, REDUCE, RECYCLE.
Whilst recycling is the element which receives the most exposure, it is actually the last option available in the battle to reduce waste. It is our duty as individuals and as a company to initially attempt to Reduce usage. Then we should look to 'Reuse' wherever possible and finally, only after these two processes have been exhausted, should we consider Recycling.

In our “OGRETMENOGLU PLAZA” project, we have used many applications that all work towards increasing the well being and comfort of our customers by providing energy and water conservation as well as protecting natural resources and environment. This Project has included all necessities to provide a home where you will be happy and proud to live in.

-We did not use greenhouse grown culture grass. We used prairie grass from Adana.
-To support natural life, we chose the plants that have adapted to local climate in Adana.
-We developed a Project in vicinity of shopping malls, markets, bus stops, subway in order to facilitate Daily life without using automobile.
-We built parking lots to the underground as much as possible to retain more green and social areas.
-We used light coloured materials at the roof, exterior side and exterior floor to protect over heating in the summer.
-We selected the most useful models for low consumption armatures in your house.
-We maintained optimum levels of depth in rooms, window frames and heights were kept wide to benefit more from daylight.
-We selected low energy consumption electric armatures in your house and site to lower your bills.
-We selected all electric and mechanic materials from energy efficient models in your house.
-We selected all electrical and mechanical equipment of international standards that have low energy consumption.
-The insulation of your house is compliant with international standards.
-We used low volatile organic complex paints and construction materials for easy breathing breathe.We didn’t use solvent containning material.
-After completion of Construction of your house, we have isolated it in order to protect it from construction dust.
-To prevent dust, dirt from entering the house, we used special international standard mats to each building entrance.
-We protected the enviroment by using recyled local construction materials and we sent all construciton wastes for recyling. We prevented dust and dirt to spread to the environment and to the underground water system.
• Solar heating and cooling